Equipping children to overcome challenges and maximize potential

Give Purpose.

Did you know Augusta, Georgia ranks at the bottom of the Child Opportunity Index? Purpose Center exists to enable the youth of Augusta to reach their fullest potential, eradicate statistics, strive for success, and achieve their dreams.

All of this is made possible by the generous donors who see this potential in our youth.

Donate today to help us continue changing the lives of Augusta.

Equipping and Inspiring

Unfortunately, Augusta, Ga ranks at the bottom of the child opportunity index but the Purpose Center exists to change this fact!

Select a Child to Sponsor from one of Our Programs

Each program is free for children to participate. As you offer love and support, your gift will equip children with the tools they need to transform their pain into God’s purpose for their life.

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Young Kings (Mentees) Sign Up for MIT Today!

Men In Training aims to partner caring adults with hurting children in an effort to prevent academic failure, criminal activity, drug abuse, and other serious risk behaviors.

Consider Donating to MIT (Men in Training) and encourage young Kings in the Community

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Living in Purpose After School Program

The purpose center will serve as a community resource and mentoring center that helps equip, educate and inspire at-risk youth and their families to overcome challenges and maximize their potential!

Consider Donating to a good cause and help children in your area.